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Financial help needed
Network Yarmouth supplies the platform to report what is happening in Great Yarmouth’s Christian community and currently send out around 300 weekly newsletters and have an average of 145,000 hits per month from 25 countries around the world More ...
Joining the dots for Norfolk Healing Rooms 
Ray and Ruth Scorey from Norfolk Healing Rooms completed a road trip on the East Coast last summer. Here they tell about their trip of prayer and discovery and a divine appointment. More ...
Network columnist defends free speech on show
Network Norfolk columnist James Knight appeared on the Radio Norfolk Sunday Breakfast Show (September 8) following his passionate defence of free speech on the Christian news website More ...
Michael Kingston
Norfolk rector's bus trip supports local charities
The Revd Michael Kingston, Team Rector of the Hempnall Group of Parishes in South Norfolk is embarking on a long, some would say eccentric, bus ride this May More ...
The Multiple Conception
When twins are conceived they are conceived together in the same womb at the same time in the same act of love, they are related in a more connected way than other siblings. 2000 years ago we were crucified with Christ, mystically included on the cross More ...
Who has the keys to the kingdom and the key of David?
Who then has the keys to the Kingdom? Let them declare it and make them known. Who then has the Key of David? They who minister in My Name and claim to be in authority over you, can they reveal the key of David to you? More ...
Revival is Not a Magic Word
Let me just say at the beginning, I have restrained my words here as much as I can, to do more would be to short change everyone. This is not a personality issue, but a truth issue. I hope everyone that reads this will be as satisfied with what God has More ...
BWCF Open Forum on Wednesday 15th February
Irene Nickerson from St Margaret's Church, Hopton presents 'Open the Book'; proposed amendments to the Constitution; and an opportunity to meet new ministers to the area too More ...
Seafarer speaker set for Norwich church
Loneliness, danger, and separation from loved ones are part of everyday life for seafarers around the world. In recognition of Sea Sunday on July 3, Rev Peter Paine, Port Chaplain at Great Yarmouth, will be speaking at a Norwich church More ...
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