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Global warming or God’s warning… 

20th April 2021

Is CO2 the real villain? Or is it sin?
 Is the world getting warmer or are hearts getting harder?
All creation is groaning… waiting for the Sons of God (and it’s the sons to blame – the daughters tend to know better) to come unto their own
God created the world to be enjoyed and shared, not endured, but what have we done with this beautiful gift?
It is groaning in travail… because its carers have left their first estate – they have become selfish, greedy and power mad.  Ideologies compete and national interests rage against each other and thousands of children starve while governments spend in excess of 2 billion dollars a day on weapons of war because X offended Y – the dinner ladies should have been left in charge…
Trains and public transport could have won the day and kept emissions a bay – but General Motors could not maximise profits that way. The internal combustion engine consumed refined petroleum, so the golden desert sands were plundered for their abundant supply.  From early years I thought it such a waste that amazing molecules - the flora and fauna of paradise provided should be burned up so people could drive big cars to the stores.  Now the Earth is ravaged for Praseodymium, Cobalt and Neodymium for wind turbine magnets to maintain their field – how many years before they return the yield … it’s a self-sustaining spiral of economic survival – but distributing what we have would be a better way
One day’s spending on the arms supply would help so many lives – but the world doesn’t work that way.  Why?  So, is CO2 the real villain or is it you and I?
Peter Gray-Read
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