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NEW NORMAL 05-202026th May 2020
If someone in authority says LOCKDOWN - SOCIALLY ISOLATE – STAY HOME then considering the consequences we do it… Until they say stop
So IF someone in authority in the church says REPENT will we do it… considering the consequences?
Jonah the reluctant prophet finally gave the warning to the people of Nineveh… and they repented.  And God spared the city
Let US repent on behalf of ourselves and the nation.  God has allowed a PAUSE allowing many a time to reflect / assess - yes some have been very busy, and sadly many have not come through, but all our lives have had to change
Scripture calls this the beginning of sorrows – if we heed the warning, we will examine ourselves and get ready.  There must be a ‘new normal’ of seeking His kingdom and His righteousness.  It may be that a form of freedom is regained and a form of peace, but a vaccine can’t give peace – we cannot be vaccinated against or wash or hands from sin.  The only way to be clean of sin is through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross when his blood was shed for us.  So we can be restored to relationship with our Father.  It was a great price to pay
The book of Revelation shows that at the ‘end of the age’ waves of increasing judgement come upon the Earth, but men do not heed.   The NHS will not be able to help with future judgements – we must not abuse the grace of God and continue in sin – personal and national.  In the book of Revelation Jesus has shoes of burnished bronze – as if they burned in a furnace – bronze speaks of Judgement.  This world is to be judged
As in Noah’s day the door is about to close – this time it is not rain.  The rainbow reminds us that the world was judged in the past but God would not flood the Earth again – next time it will be by fire.  So, stand where the fire has been – in Jesus.  He was represented by the burnt sacrifice – until he came
If we are ready – walking in the Spirit, we need not fear.  But we must warn others.  You won’t hear it on 6 o’clock news.  The media won’t tell you, most leaders won’t tell you – the Day of the Lord is at hand

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