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Thank you Captain Tom


Born between 1910 and 1924 they are defined as “Britain’s Greatest Generation” They are the generation who fought and lived through the Second World War. Among the distinguishing marks of this particular generation are things like personal responsibility, integrity, humility, financial prudence, and faithful commitment along with the ability to know how to survive, make do, and solve problems
Compare “Britain’s Greatest Generation” to those born between 1995 and 2012, young people today between the age of 8 and 25, sometimes referred to as “Generation Z”. This generation is likely to be entrepreneurial, competitive, and independent. They enjoy diversity, embrace change, and if they want information they know it’s easily accessible via the internet. But sad to say, they are often regarded as the most lonely and hopeless generation, with the highest rate of suicide and drug misuse than any generation before it
In general, every generation has its distinguishing marks and its particular qualities. I was born in 1959 and belong to what’s called the “Baby Boomer Generation – those born between 1946 and 1965. This was the generation that rejected and redefined traditional values
During the coronavirus pandemic, the distinguishing marks or some might say the spirit of “Britain’s Greatest Generation” has been perhaps best exemplified by Captain Tom Moore.  The inspirational veteran eventually raised a staggering £32 million pounds for the National Health Service - £32,795,065 – to be exact
Captain Tom, who turned 100 on the 30th April 2020, set himself a challenge to walk 100 laps of his garden. He received donations from around the world, including an undisclosed sum from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. During an interview with the BBC, Prince William said of Captain Tom, “He’s been around a long time, knows everything and it’s wonderful that everyone has been inspired by his story and his determination”.  In response, Captain Tom said: "It's absolutely amazing that my super prince can say something like that"
Amazingly Captain Tom also collaborated with singer Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir on a cover version of the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.  It went straight to No1 in the weekly ‘Official’ UK Singles Chart
Among other things, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted that no one in life is immune from adversity. But as a Christian I believe that whatever the circumstances I never walk alone
Any Christian would tell you that it’s something of wonder that Almighty God, who threw the stars in space, and created the universe and everything in it, has promised always to be with us, and to never leave or desert us
Thank you, Captain Tom, for your amazing determination and for reminding me of a vital truth

Rev Brian Hall

Vicar, St Andrew’s Church


as published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine


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Peter Gray-Read (Guest) 15/06/2020 08:04
Great article - what a generation! I'm also a boomer (probably make a lot of noise as well...) Jesus said 'This generation will not depart until all these signs be fulfilled -
also quoting the psalms... this generation - those born of the Spirit are one generation having one Father. Hallelujah [PS I don't do full-stops either]